About me

Portrait of Morgan Cugerone
  • Husband and father of three
  • French Berlin-based senior frontend developer with 16 years experience in software and web development.
  • Inclusive design advocate, I enjoy to level up my expertise on this topic by building inclusive web interfaces and/or design systems.
  • I go by the Progressive enhancement approach, building in layers (HTML first, then CSS and finally Javascript).
  • I consider Test Driven Development for the most stuffs I build
  • I consider Pairing a real assets when working in a Team
  • I care a great deal about Documentation. It benefits everyone, include my future self.
  • When not pairing, music is my fuel
  • Happy Vimmer, understand user of the Vim editor, I enjoy it's philosophy, tweaking it and learning about it almost every day. Note: I now use Neo Vim
  • Bullet Journalist, meaning I organise my life using a Bullet Journal (BuJo). A great remedy to fight Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • There was a time, in my younger days, when I did tons of Photography (see my Flickr below), and was going to a lot of concerts.
  • Respect of the nature as well as humans, Kindness, Benevolance, Solidary, Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity. These are in my opinion the keys to solve most of humanity's nowadays issues. These values are dear to my heart and should be, in my opinion, infused in our childrens' education!

Feedback or comments

So far I haven't built any commenting system to provide feedback or comments on article I publish. However please feel free to reach out to me per email if there is anything I got wrong, if something was useful to you, if there is anything you would like to share with me or just to get in touch 🤗

I have no analytics on this site, and have no intentions of adding some since your privacy is dear to me.

In case you reach out though, I would be happy if you could tell me a bit about you; if you do not mind of course 😉!